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Welcome to the world of the Golden Dust slot theme. This game revolves around the life of Pablo Escobar, one of the wealthiest drug peddlers in the world.

This game’s creative aesthetics and sound effects are filled with thrills, excitement, and exotic feelings.

Narcos is one of the leading and biggest shows that has ever been showcased on Netflix. If you are someone who enjoyed watching this series, then we are sure you will be delighted to relish this series in the form of social casino games.

The theme of this game revolves around Escobar, who was running his drug empire. Our game will take the player back to the 1970s when the DEA set out to bring him back.

The game’s concept is full of elements such as suspense, drugs, and ferocity. However, the game we present to you is toned up to the extent that it has excellent outcomes filled with great wins and spins.

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Game Feature

Escape Reality & enter the world of Golden Dust to play online slot games!

Unique Game Icons

The game has some unique icons, so keep calm and wait for the curtain to rise!

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Rules of Game

The game doesn't seem interesting if you do not follow its traditions, which are iconic in their way!

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Want to know how the table turns? Why not try it and play online and win Huge Bonuses!

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Audio & Visuals

Exciting gameplay, thrilling sound effects, and appealing visuals help you get into the feel of the game.

Cosmo Slots Golden Dust, System Check, Online Social Casino, Free Slots Games

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